ASG Schofield luftpistol 128ms/420fps BB

ASG Schofield luftpistol 128ms/420fps BB

Tilbehørspakke 1 - diabolokuler

Tilbehørspakke 1 - diabolokuler

Remington 1875 luftpistol både rundkuler og blykuler

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En flott kopi av Remigton 1875 revolver som fungerer på nøyaktig samme måte som originalen. Den kan bruke både runkuler og vanlige blykuler. Det følger med 6 patroner til rundkuler og 6 til blykuler, men begge typer patroner kan brukes til begge typer kuler. 

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  • Kaliber: 4,5 mm
  • Materiale: helmetall
  • Vekt: 1,1 kg
  • Lengde: 33 cm
  • Løp: Glattboret
  • Mekanisme: Single action
  • Sikter: Faste
  • Magasin: 6 skudd

After the Civil War, Remington revolutionized firearm ammunition with a cartridge conversion of its Model 1858 Army in 1869. The metallic cartridge-loading revolver was soon bested by Smith & Wesson’s new topbreak model in 1872 and Colt’s Peacemaker in 1873. Two years later E. Remington & Sons came blazing back with the new Model 1875; it was to become one of the most famous guns of the Old West.

This six gun is now available as a .177 BB/Pellet CO2 revolver. This nickel-plated replica joins the Colt Peacemaker and S&W Schofield No. 3 to create a trio of legendary Western arms in CO2 versions. The Model 1875 bears the Remington name and the classic lines that made it popular with cowboys, lawmen and outlaws alike, including Jesse and Frank James.

The CO2 models have the unmistakable styling evolved from Remington's 1858 Army Model. The Model 1875 loads like a real single action revolver with each BB or pellet cartridge inserted separately into the cylinder chambers through the loading gate on the right side of the frame. (Since the shells are loaded one at a time, speed loaders cannot be used). Once you're fully loaded, this gun is excellent for plinking cans and paper targets in your backyard.

The Remington Model 1875 CO2 revolver pays homage to the old west, and one of the most famous handguns in American history.

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