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100-rør (pods) svart

100-rør (pods) svart

RAP4 Paintball bæresystem 4+1 (olivengrønn) 001895

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Bæresystem for paintballs. Her er det plass til 4 stk 140-rør og luftsystem.

NEW Tactical Paintball Harness. This new harness is an addition to the successful RAP4 line of paintball vests. The Tactical Paintball Harness holds additional paintballs and an air tank, with the light weight and durability that you expect from Real Action Paintball soft goods.
 The paintball harness can be used as a standalone system as well as in conjunction with a RAP4 vest. As a standalone system the new paintball harness can carry 4 additional paintball pods and 1 air tank. It has a shoulder support strap to lighten the load. This helps balance the weight of the air tank and paintballs.
 The new paintball harness can also be used along with the paintball vest as a load bearing system! The paintball vest's belt loops can be locked into the harness to balance the addition weight of the paintball harness with the weight of the gear you carry on your chest; such a well-balanced setup will last you through the longest games. This setup also keeps the harness securely in place!
 The Tactical Paintball Harness is the right option for recball or scenarios, and when used in conjunction with your RAP4 vest, will get you through those intense 26 hour scenario games! If you attach your tank directly to your marker, you can carry a spare tank in the Paintball Harness and double the shots you can get between trips to the fill station...and you'll be able to keep up with all the extra paint you'll be carrying.
 The tactical paintball harness can be used across America and beyond, as it comes in: black, Oak Leaf Camo, olive drab, woodland camo, desert camo, digital camo and the new Army Combat Uniform (ACU). Get your Real Action Paintball Tactical Harness today, and dominate tomorrow!
 This harness is compatible with all paintball pod sizes, including the Qloaders pod.
 Compatible with all CO2 tank sizes and 48ci  68ci  72ci

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