"Punisher" pvc-merke svart/rød

Vikingskalle i pvc grønn

Vikingskalle i pvc grønn

Mappe til oppbevaring av diverse borrelåsmerker

kr 249,00

Utrolig kjekk mappe for alle som har endel borrelåsmerker. Enten samling eller i bruk. Veldig lett å få med seg, og merkene blir beskyttet mot slitasje. 35x50 cm. 

Convenient folding organizer M-Tac for storing and transporting your patches and patches.

The panel is folded into three folds, and in this form is placed in most tactical and urban backpacks.

In expanded form the panel can be suspended both horizontally and vertically with the help of hinges made of strong rubberized Hypalon material. And with the help of slings on the buttons, the panel in a vertical view can be fixed to any horizontal crossbar of a small diameter.

Hypalon® is a polyethylene elastomer (polychlorosulfate), patented by DuPont. Has an exceptional resistance to abrasion, strength and long service life. It is distinguished by its elasticity, resistance to UV radiation, retains its properties at low temperatures.

Materials: Invista Cordura 1000D Texcel slings 
Hinges for hanging of material: Hypalon 
Accessories: YKK

In each of the four corners of the panel is punched through the eyelet. Passing through them a paracord or a rope, you can fasten the panel in a position convenient for you.

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