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Desert Eagle er en pistol kjent for sin betydelige stoppekraft, inkludert å stoppe visse kjøretøyer. Den brukes hovedsakelig av sportsskyttere og i Hollywood-filmer. Denne modellen er en Desert Eagle .50AE i en CO2 blowback-versjon med ABS-ramme og en metallsleide med offisielle Desert Eagle-lisensmarkeringer.

Hopuptype: Justerbar hopup
Kaliber: 6mm
1129 g
Lengde: 270 mm
Utgangshastighet: 100(328) m/s (fps)
Magasin: 21 skudd
1,0 Joule

  • Replica developed in partnership with the exclusive worldwide Desert Eagle license
  • Blowback replica with an impressive kick
  • Replica with a polymer body and a metal slide
  • Firing selector on the left and right side of the slide of the replica allowing to alternate between: Safety, Semi-automatic and Full-automatic
  • Stock equipped with textured pads for an optimal grip
  • Adjustable hop-up that significantly increases the range and accuracy of the replica

The Desert Eagle is one of these emblematic guns known by a whole generation. Famous for the huge firepower of its diverse calibers, ranging from .357 Magnum to .50AE and .44 Magnum, it is known as THE heavy handgun.

This pistol was designed by Magnum Research Inc. and the Riga Arms Institute between 1979 and 1982. It was first patented in january 1983 in the United States, and then a second time in 1985 after being upgraded by Israel Military Industries (IMI) ; it’s that version that reached production.

The very year it was released, it was seen in action movies, like “Commando” by Mark L. Lester, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. From the 90’s until today, the Desert Eagle appeared in a large number of video games, including Tomb Raider, GTA, Far Cry and Counter Strike series.

Progressively, the Desert Eagle was raised to an iconic status, and quickly became a superior firepower symbol in the collective mind.

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