Madbull riflegranat RG108 6mm 108-skudds 15348

Madbull riflegranat RG108 6mm 108-skudds 15348

Madbull airsoftgranat M433 6mm 48-skudds 15343

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En airsoftgranat som er laget for å ligne mest mulig på ekte 40mm geværgranater. Den må brukes i en granatkaster og skyter 48 stk kuler av gangen med et stort smell for maks effekt. 

Bruker vanlig airsoftgass. 

This grenade is made to look like the M433 which is a HEDP (High Explosive Dual Purpose) A grenade with a shape charge, meant for use against light armored vehicles.

General information:
When choosing which grenade to use, there are some factors to consider.
As a rule, the more BB's the grenade can fire, the bigger the chance of hitting the target.
But the more BB's it fires the less powerful the shot, and the shorter the range.
The heavier the BB, the more stable the flight, and the more energy they will strike with.
A short barrel launcher will allow the BB's to spread more, good for close range.
A long barrel launcher will keep the BB's in a more tight spread, better for medium range.
Some grenades can be charged with Co2, which will give a more powerful shot.


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