Leapers kikkertsikte opplyst 8-32X56 30mm G4 dot

Leapers kikkertsikte opplyst 8-32X56 30mm G4 dot

Leapers kikkertsikte 4x32 25,4mm AO TF2+ SCP-U432AOWT2

Leapers kikkertsikte 4x32 25,4mm AO TF2+ SCP-U432AOWT2

Leapers sikte 30mm opplyst 4-16X44 kompakt SCP3-UGM416AOIEW

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Et topp sikte i middel prisklasse for Leapers. Kompakt størrelse som passer på taktiske gevær.

Leapers sikter tåler det meste, og er garantert mot alt. Se denne testen som viser at dette er utrolig solide sikter.

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•  Built on True Strength Platform, Completely Sealed and Nitrogen Filled, Shockproof, Fogproof and Rainproof
•  30mm Tube with Best in Class Multi Emerald Coated Lenses to Achieve Maximum Light Transmission for Best Clarity
•  Innovative EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing (IE) System with Red/Green Dual-Color Mode and 36 Color Multi-Color Mode to Accommodate All Weather/Light Conditions (U.S. Pat. 8,437,079; EU Patent Pending)
•  1-Click High-tech Illumination Memory Feature Gets You Right Back to the Color/Brightness Setting Last Used
•  Etched Glass Range Estimating Mil-dot Reticle for Most Optimal Aiming and Shooting Performance
•  Most Innovative, Low Profile Illumination Control with 2 Soft and Ergonomic Control Buttons Designed for Most Natural, Smooth and Quick-reaching Hand/Finger Operations
•  Special Circuit and Housing Design for Uninterrupted Illumination Even Under Heavy Recoil
•  Premium Zero Locking and Zero Resetting Target Turrets with Most Consistent and Precise 1/4 MOA per Click Windage/Elevation Adjustment
•  Side Wheel Adjustable Turret (SWAT) for Parallax Adjustment - from 10 Yards to Infinity; Side Wheel Ready for Optional Big Wheel to Achieve Finer Parallax Adjustment

TactEdge Angled Integral Sunshade Complete with Flip-open Lens Caps and High Quality Max Strength Quick Detach Picatinny/Weaver Rings

Magnification: 4 - 16X
Tube Diameter: 30 mm
Objective Diameter: 44 mm
Field of View @ 100 yards: 26.2'-7.85'
Eye Relief: 3.4" - 3"
Exit Pupil: 11.0-2.7 mm
Click Value @100 yards: 1/4"
Length: 283mm
Weight: 644 gram
Parallax Setting: 10 Yds - Infinity
Batteries: CR2032 3V





TS Platform
True strength scope platform using smart spherical structure(SSS) to achieve simplified and strengthened inner/outer tube interaction for most precise and responsive W/E adjustment and toughest recoil resistance.

EZ-TAP IE Illumination U.S.Pat. 8,437,079 EU Patent Pending
Most user friendly low profile illumination system on the ocular tube for red, green or black reticle, soft and ergonomically designed rubber pads for user to easily tap to the desired level of brightness, Push both buttons to and hold to enter full color reticle mode. Full color reticle mode consists of 36 different color options for optimal visibility in all environments. High-tech memory feature to return to last color/brightness used, accommodates diverse weather/light conditions.

Ring-lock Target Turrets
Windage/elevation target turrets with locking ring to lock zero and zero-resetting function to align marking after zeroing your scope.

Side wheel adjustable turret opposite to the windage adjustment turret, adjusts parallax from close range to infinity.

Range Estimating
Innovatively designed reticle providing reference points for quick range estimation during shooting.

Variable Power
Magnification of the scope is adjustable.

Mounting Accessories Included
Ring mounts with appropriate saddle height are included with the product

Integral Sunshade
TactEdge® Angled objective providing a built-in, integral sunshade.

Optional SWAT Big Wheel for Side Wheel AO Adjustment
A great tool to use on scope models equipped with a side wheel adjustment turret for AO to achieve finer parallax adjustment.


Dette følger med:

Scope Owners Manual

Hex Screw

MaxStrength Picatinny/Weaver Rings, 1 Pair

Mil-Dot Chart

Cleaning Cloth

Flip-open Lens Caps

CR2032 3V High Energy Lithium Battery

Allen Wrench 4mm

Allen Wrench 3mm
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