Crosman Upland Compound buesett for unge SetCR-AYC1024

Crosman Upland Compound buesett for unge SetCR-AYC1024

Marksman Pocket Hunter 31

Marksman Pocket Hunter 31" karbonpiler 3-pakk BN-3368

CenterPoint Elkhorn Jr. Compound buesett Crosman-ABY1721

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Et komplett sett med alt man trenger for å skyte med bue.

Includes youth compound bow, 2 composite arrows, 2-piece quiver, arm guard, finger tab, sights & arrow rest.

Designed with the look and feel of full-size adult bows. The Elkhorn has durable, heavyweight composite limbs and an integrated composite center-shot riser with large sight window. Composite cam system is supported by heavy-duty, all-weather strings, cables and cable guard for superior shooting performance.

  • 33" axle-to-axle
  • 17-21 lbs. draw weight
  • 26" max draw
  • 8" brace height
  • 65% let-off
  • 1 lb., 12 oz. mass weight for good balance and feel
  • Ideal for beginners 8 and up (adult supervision req'd)
  • Designed for young archers new to compound bows
  • Provides years of use
  • Exceptional design for ultimate forgiveness during the shot
  • Right-hand grip for optimum hand placement
  • Cam/wheel design delivers outstanding performance
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