Thompson Submachine Gun, CAL. .45 M1928A 1 (TM 9-1215) BK097

Thompson Submachine Gun, CAL. .45 M1928A 1 (TM 9-1215) BK097

Operators Manual For AK-47 Assault Rifle BK084

Operators Manual For AK-47 Assault Rifle BK084

Airsoftguide volume 3 DVD

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Siste utgave, med bl.a masse om pyroteknisk og vedlikehold, men også teknisk med demontering av FAMAS, P-90 og M1A1 Thompson, og M92 Beretta gasspistol. Det er også endel om mat egnet til airsoft, men akkurat den biten skal man ikke ta for seriøst.



AEG Takedown Guides Covering...
TM P-90 Series
(P-90, P-90-TR)
TM Thompson SMG
TM / HFC / KJW Beretta 92f GBB Series
Version 1 Gearbox Takedown Guide Featuring detailed coverage of the take-down and rebuild procedure for this gearbox found in the TM FAMAS covered above, as well as other AEGs
Version 6 Gearbox Takedown Guide The full and detailed take-down and rebuild procedure for this gearbox found in the TM P-90 and Thompson replicas covered above
Airsoft Technical Tips How to avoid common technical mistakes, How to perform technical work effectively, and more...
Airsofter's Essential Toolkit What every airsofter should have in their toolkit, and why. From lubricant to customised-tools, and more...
Airsoft Abuse "Pyro Abuse"
We felt it was time to get out of the house and take an epic road-trip - but where?

Britain's premiere Airsoft pyrotechnic factory offered us the chance to go down and blow up whatever wasn't nailed down - so we did!
  • Airsoft vs Realworld hand grenades - Which are best?

  • What exactly do all the different Airsoft grenades look like when they go off?

  • Which is more powerful - 500 Thunderflash grenades, or 1 thunderflash 500 times more powerful than normal?

  • Can a microwave oven make a maroon explode?

  • Can we get the factory to make custom stuff for us?

  • How many charges does it take to destroy a Land Rover?

We find out the answers to all these questions and more - (all in the name of science you understand)

Airsoft Food We've all done it - been on a weekend skirmish, reached for our food at lunch time only to find that we have flattened sandwiches, bruised fruit, squished candy, and a warm cola.

Well, no more! We set out to investigate the best, most tasty, most reliable, and most effective food & drink for Airsofters on the go.

Don't expect us to review sandwiches and fruit either - we use our ingenuity and natural cunning to look at stuff that no-one really considers - and I'm so glad we did!

What went wrong? Much as we'd love to tell you 'we're so professional that things never go wrong', we can't. We're human too, so we thought we'd show you our human sides (namely our screw-ups while trying to do the simplest thing (I mean, how hard can it possibly be to just push a shopping trolley?!??))



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